Generating QR Codes

In order to generate our own QR codes natively on the Steckschwein, we drew a lot of inspiration from this article It even points to an adapted version of the qrtiny library, that has been made to compile with cc65, including a demo for the Apple ][, using cc65’s own Tiny Graphics Interface (TGI). Which is very nice, because all the hard work has already been done. We have not implemented TGI (yet?

VCFe 23.0 - UPDATE

Update VCFe 23.0 has been postponed until September 7th due to issues with the building. Save the date! The 23th annual European Vintage Computer Festival will take place on 7./8. September 2024 ! And of course there can be no VCFe without Steckschwein. This time is special, as we first presented the humble beginnings of our (then nameless) favourite homebrew computer at VCF 15.0 in 2014. So this year not only marks the 10th anniversary of the Steckschwein, but also the 10th anniversary of the VCFe being “home” of the Steckschwein.

Sorting Demo

To share my fascination for the numerous sorting algorithm videos on youtube, I took some sorting algorithm examples in C from and visualized them using our BGI compatible C graphics library (more about that later). The algorithms shown are: Bubble Sort Cocktail shaker Sort Gnome Sort Insertion Sort Comb Sort Heap Sort Shell Sort Selection Sort Quick Sort Merge Sort Radix Sort The code examples from are only slightly adapted and could be compiled with cc65 almost instantly.

V9958 YJK (YUV) mode

Some time ago we introduced a tiny tool called ppmview.prg in our collection of tools and progs for our Steckschwein. The ppmview.prg, as the name already tells, is able to load an image in ppm (Portable BitMap) format with a maximum size of 256x212px and displays it on the screen. The first version of ppmview was released in 2018 and since then we just use the SCREEN 8 (MSX) also known as graphic mode 7 (RGB).

Niklaus Wirth 15.2.1934 – 1.1.2024

Niklaus Wirth has died on 1.1.2024 at the age of 89. Known to most as the creator of the programming language Pascal, Wirth was also primary designer of the programming languages Euler, PL360, ALGOL W, Modula, Modula-2 and Oberon, heavily influencing coming languages and the paradigm of object oriented programming, and programming methodology altogether. Furthermore, he led the team designing the Lilith workstation, a graphical workstation with a bitmapped graphical display, heavily influenced by the Xerox Alto.