VCFB 2018 It was great...

VCF 2018 in Berlin was great! We’ve met interesting people there. Got a handshake with Scot W. Stevenson who for(th)ced us to use his TaliForth2 ;)

Later on Saturday Daniel Illgen - maintainer of the Adlib Tracker II for Linux - had decided to honor us with his OPL2 knowledge while on the way out. He advised us to keep the OPL2 sound chip on the Steckschwein, because the OPL2 chip is still not outbid. We hat doubts at first, but then we could listen to OPL2 with so called “software low frequency oscillation” (soft lfo) and the drums and bass sounds great!

Beside the VCF there where talks about demos and the history of the demoscene then and now. There where two interesting and awesome talks given by “SvOlli” about the demoscene and demo coding on the Atari VCS (Stella).

Here are the slides of out talks and Links to the livestream from Saturday 13.10.2018.

Many thanks to Dr. Stefan Höltgen and his team arround the VCFB which made it possible that we could take a part on that cool event!